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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 27, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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long morning ahead for this san francisco neighborhood after waterfloods this intersection and floods homes. we just got an update from the cuc we'll tell you what they are saying about the cleanup. unprecedented tragedy in santa cruz. two police officers killed in the line of duty. the new information we have about the suspects.
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we're live in santa cruz where the community is mourning the loss of those two police officers. we will have reaction coming up. plus it is happening right now. america's new defense secretary about to begin his first day on the job. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day middle of the week, wednesday, february 27th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. steve, you called it exactly. what if it gets to be 70. >> it was. santa rosa and napa hit 70. today will still be very good. a lot of high clouds will come in. yesterday was sunny side up. temperatures really rocking it up. today we'll start off clear. it will get a lot of high clouds in here. 60s to near 70s. especially toward santa clara valley. here is sal.
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looking at highway 24 it's a nice looking drive. driving from walnut creek to the tunnel with no major problems driving through. also this morning we are looking at northbound 280 in san jose. that is a nice looking drive as you drive through. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. we continue with breaking news we first reported at 4:30. if you haven't seen it incredible video of a water main break. it's causing sewage to back up near san francisco state university. dozens of homes and cars are flooded. ktvu claudine wong is near the stones town galleria mall with more amazing peck curs. claudine, i have never seen so much water around cars. >> unbelievable mess. resident some of them in tears over the mess that is left behind. i want to give you a look at the scene. this is the intersection of 15th and wanona. the water has receded. if you take a look at these vehicles you can see how high it went because the water mark
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up over the door and car tires. that is mud you are looking at. what the puc told us they thought the sewage backed up. they no longer think that is the case. the break happened up this street on 15th avenue and the water rushed down here. what happened it actually didn't break through the ground. it actually just went underground. that washed away the ground underneath. what you are looking at now is the mud it pushed up. let me tell you what it looked like a short time ago. this is really an unbelievable site that people woke up to this morning. this is all about 2:30 to 3:00 this morning. couple residents say they heard car alarms. one man said he walked outside simply to take a quick smoke and that's what he saw. the damage to his basement and car significant and he is now left to deal with the mess behind. >> i haven't been able to take a look but the water got up as high as the windows and the alarm started going off.
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and other alarms are going off now too. >> reporter: you don't have much hope you want to get back in that thing? >> i'm worried that my golf clubs are in there. that is the main concern. >> reporter: you are taking a live look at jim o'connell's car. that is the car we couldn't see when we talked to him what it looked like because it was around the corner. we moved around the block. now you can see where the water line is on his suv. quite high. you have to imagine there is water in there. it's obviously the lights have turned on. in fact the electrical that will be a big problem. the puc tells us this. this is new information. no sewage out here. the water main break is a 16- inch pipe. they think they can get water on to the rest of the neighborhood here while they do repairs but those repairs will take awhile. it's just a really bad break. what they do have is claims people coming out here to talk to the folks. you have the red cross people
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out here. and some of them just in tears over the amount of damage they are seeing inside their homes. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:03. now to our continuing coverage of our top stories. unpriest kepted tragedy in the city of santa cruz. two police officers shot to death. detective sergeant lauren butch baker was a 28 year veteran with the police department. . detective elizabeth butler was a ten year police veteran. they were killed yesterday afternoon about a home a mile the o officers went there to question a violent suspect when the man opened fire and killed them. the police chief was grief stricken. he identified the two fallen officers during a very emotional news conference last night. >> thanks to every member of our community who's reached out over this tragic situation.
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and offered their condolences and support in the loss of my two officers today. this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> swat teams immediately closed off the entire neighborhood. they locked down three schools. they did track down the suspect around the corner 30 minutes after the two officers were killed. police then killed that suspect in a barrage of gunfire. last night police identified the suspect as jeremy goulet. they arrested him on friday on disorderly conduct charge but he was released after making bail. he was reportedly fired from his job at a santa cruz coffee shop last weekend. >> this deadly shooting is the latest incident in a series of violent crimes in a city long known as a peaceful surf town. janine de la vega continues our team coverage from santa cruz. janine. >> reporter: pam, we're here in front of the police department where you can see a growing memorial for the two officers
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that have fallen. these flowers and candles have been left out of respect. it's been a rough night no doubt for officers. it is going to be a difficult day for them. now just to help out the police department has contracted with the security company who is out front in front of the department to help guard the building while the officers are mourning. both officers are veterans of the department. one has been identified as sergeant lauren butch baker who has been with the department for 28 years. he was reportedly near retirement. the police chief calls him a long-time friend and mentor. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son who works for the department. the other officer that was fatally shot elizabeth butler. she leaves behind her partner and two young sons. the police chief says there are no beyond a reasonable doubt words to to describe how he and
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-- there are no words to describe how he and others feel. >> two of our beloved officers were killed in the line of duty and it has rocked our community to our absolute foundation. >> reporter: the police department is thanking all the support and the condolences from the community they have been receiving over night and to help them mourn those losses the santa cruz sheriffs department has taken over patrols from the night. it's unclear how long it will go on in the coming days. but again yesterday was described as the darkest day in santa cruz police history. they have never lost an officer in the history of the department and now they have lost two. online we have found in posts of support. and just moments ago a woman who was on her way to work dropped off more flowers here. again the community online we have seen people are expressing their fear because there has
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been recent violent incidents in recent weeks. so they are reacting over that and their feeling of safety and of course the loss over the two officers will continue to -- two officers. we'll continue to have reaction throughout the morning. we will have continuing coverage on the death of the two santa cruz police officers throughout the morning. stay with us. you can also find more information including raw footage of last nights police press conference on the front age of our website in over night news a roll over accident ends a police chase in san jose. that happened at the bird avenue exit on southbound 280 at about 2:00 a.m. when police tried to pull over a stolen car. the suspects sped off and the driver lost control of the car. flipping it on to its roof. authorities say two teenagers a boy and girl were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. all lanes have since been reopened. time is 5:08.
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happening right now chuck hagel is due to arrive at the pentagon for his first day of work as secretary of defense. we're looking at live pictures right now. obviously that is the parking lot right outside the pentagon. a lot of cars filling up there. after a seven week political fight, the senate voted yesterday to confirm chuck hagel as defense secretary. he will take the oath of office this morning. then he'll make his first remark to defense department employees in just about three hours from right now. and just two days before massive automatic federal spending cuts are due to kick in no signs this morning of a compromised deal to avoid those cuts. coming up at 5:15 house speaker john boehner very harsh criticism of his senate colleagues for what they say they have not done. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good. we're off to a nice start. this wednesday, middle of the
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week. we are getting more people. usually doesn't get really crowded until about 5:30. at the toll plaza we usually don't see a big crowd until 6:00. we have a little bit of time to get on the road. if you are driving on the hayward commute southbound 880 good. yesterday we had a terrible commute outside of this area. right now we are wiping the slate clean and starting all over and it looks good. let's go to steve. z thank you, sal. a very nice day. yesterday was sunny. it will still be nice to warm. not as warm. plus the lows santa rosa is 32. yesterday at this time they were 40. calm conditions. verses a northeast wind at 9. the weekend a lot of high and mid level clouds on saturday. it will be cooler. the next rain this time next week march 6th. now again higher clouds coming in today. most of those painting themselves over the north bay into thursday. friday looks good. sunny and warm again.
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criminal clouds. that is saturday. we will go mostly cloudy. now sunday clouds will clear. it will be mostly on the northwest breeze. it will be cooler. here comes our rain for wednesday. watch it. right there. right there. there is wednesday. not much. it looks like a little bit of a pattern change. today mostly sunny. expect for the higher clouds that will inch a little closer. i think north bay goes a little cloudy. 31 fairfield. 32 santa rosa. hayward 41. oakland 41. not far away from that antioch. you can find much colder readings. we do have a little bit of an offshore or northerly breeze. not as strong as yesterday. there is still that component even san jose has an easterly breeze. over all it will be mostly sunny and turning partly cloudy. 60s today to the north and then
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upper 60s to near 70. morgan hill and gilroy. more high clouds on thursday. friday will be the warmest day. cloudy to mostly cloudy. a new sighting of an oakland couple missing in south america. also some people are planning to demonstrate against a bad apple outside the shareholders meeting. good morning. northbound 101 looks good. the road construction southbound 101 as you can see is gone. traffic is moving well in san francisco. t atever you want, baby.
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welcome back. time 5:14. cautious optimism. peruvian officials say a couple was spotted in the remote part of the amazon. they plan to send a plane to the area today to record video of the couple and maybe get proof they are okay. we talked to neil's boss who says they feared the worse after they stopped posting messages on social media. >> i think that they were going through a lot of areas that have good internet access and they went into an area that didn't have good internet access. and at that point they kind of appeared to have dropped off. >> garrett's mother is not
5:18 am
celebrating just yet. she says until they have proof of life, they can't celebrate these reported citings. they are waiting to hear directly from her son. harsh words from the top republican in congress with just 48 hours until automatic budget cuts become law. as kyla campbell reports, there is mixed reaction to the house speaker. kyla. >> reporter: pam, something house speaker john boehner simply said what everyone else is thinking. but others think he should have watched his mouth. take a listen. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their -- and begins to do something. >> reporter: he's referring to two votes house republicans already took in recent months to pass legislation to make common sense cuts to avoid sequestration. but senate democrats unvailed their own bill yesterday. it includes tax increases on wealthy americans and the oil and gastro.
5:19 am
the senate budget committee says they are meeting halfway with their plan. but republicans made clear they want nothing to do with a tax increase to avoid sequestration. senate republicans are putting the final touches on their bill and that could be introduced today. what is expected over the next 48 hours and of course how the cuts could effect california when i see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:17. tonight oakland mayor jean quan will deliver the state of the city address. the chronicle reports quan will while the unemploymenting rate, booming housing market, and thriving art and restaurant scene. a lot of people will be listening to what she says about public safety. since she took office two years ago the crime rate has gone up. a larger reward is being
5:20 am
offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of a man from hayward. he was found dead in an abandoned auto repair shop on november 7th of last year. a nonprofit organization and his family increased the reward to $3,000. authorities so far have not released the cause of his death but they are treating the case as a homicide. there could be drama inside scene outside today's apple shareholders meeting. outside company headquarters security officers will hold a rally. they use a security contractor that tries to intimidate workers who want to join a union. inside shareholders will be waiting to see if ceo tim cook will talk about a plan to create a new class of preferred stock. a judge ruled against apple. time now 5:18. sal is ready to get you to where you need to go. what is happening in the south
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bay? >> we are just looking at the freeways there. northbound 280 traffic continues to look good as you drive up to highway 17. no problems if you are driving on 101. also we are looking at the westbound bay bridge that continues to move along well. if you are driving on the bay shore freeway 101, 280 all looking good. they are clearing up a little bit of road work on highway 92. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. clear skies. temperatures seem to be running a little cooler. there is still a component of a northeast breeze. yesterday it was sunshine. wall to wall. today we will get a lot of high clouds. not a big deal. i think it will be enough to take a couple degrees down on some of the high temps. especially to the north bay. we will start off clear skies. cool to cold. high clouds which is still nice to warm. warmest temps will be south. fairfield is starting at 31. santa rosa at 32.
5:22 am
napa and santa rosa had low 70s. concord was close. 39 and 36 there. there is 35. mountain view says 43. i saw wood side and menlo park all about 35. 47 in san francisco. speaking of san francisco yesterday 62. kept it the same today. starting off at 7:00 a.m. we will go 46. then a lot of high clouds come in. 58. 620-degrees in san francisco today. by the way, now i guarantee that west wind will kick in. probably about 5:00. they will go right back down to 62. higher clouds. temperatures 60 today to near 70. and then a lot more high clouds thursday and then friday looks sunny and warm. tropical clouds paint us on saturday for mostly cloudy conditions and cooler and breezy on sunday. >> i heard tropical. all right. 520 is the -- 5:20 is the time. european markets trading after
5:23 am
investors remain concerned about the italian government. japan finished trading day with a loss of nearly 1%. china and new zealand were the biggest winners gaining nearly .9%. many investors were encouraged after ben bernanke gave until signs the fed would change its policies. bernanke gave his report to congress. forced budget cuts would show the u.s. economic growth. and the interest rate policies are critical to support the economy. now his comments helped u.s. markets rebound after their worst decline of the year. dow managing to gain -- and right now the futures indicate slightly higher opening. boy they have fluctuated and have not always been a good indication. still talking about the
5:24 am
oscars. the host of the oscars in hot water with california female lawmakers. what they are asking the academy to do to seth mcfarland. hope for sacramento to keep the new kings. q
5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:24 is the time. the city of sacramento is not giving up the on the kings. last night the city council member said he spoke with the minority owner of the
5:27 am
basketball team. they are working on an alternative offer to buy the team and build the team a new arena in sacramento. the family the majority owners are working on a deal to sell the kings to a group that will move them to seattle. but sacramento basketball fans are urging city leaders to press forward. >> remember this i won't say it twice. ♪ don't stop believing [ laughter ] >> that takes some guts. kevin johnson says he is possible a deal could be made by friday. the plan would create a downtown entertainment complex. 5:25. california female lawmakers are the latest to criticize academy awards host seth mcfarland's performance at the oscars. the woman's caucus sent a formal complaint. calling his jokes degrading and set back for the women in the industry.
5:28 am
they are asking the academy to condemn such behavior and use better judgment when they pick future hosts. time is 5:25. sal is coming back. he'll get you where you need to go. >> for the most part we are doing well. we are talking about west portal, 15th and wanona good area to stay away from. it's a couple blocks away from a very busy area. let's take a look at northbound 280 getting up to 880 northbound traffic is moving pretty well. if you are driving on southbound 680 past mission that traffic is off to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have clear skies. temperatures cool to cold. i think in fact we are running a little cooler than yesterday at this time. a lot of 30s around. some 40s closer to the bay as well. a lot of high clouds looks like they will move over especially across the north bay today. dave. time is 5:26.
5:29 am
the pope's final public address. what he told the crowd this morning and the lucky few people he personally blessed at the vatican. the police chief is calling it the darkest day in santa cruz's history. we will tell you about two fallen police officers and the person that police say is responsible. and we are live in san francisco look at this mess sewage backing up in one san francisco neighborhood. claudine wong is there. ♪
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news wednesday february 27th. >> i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. still no sign of rain coming. >> next wednesday. >> oh next wednesday. >> yeah. yesterday sunny. today you'll get a lot more high clouds. you'll start off clear. i think north bay even though it will be nice not as warm as yesterday. temperatures near 70 especially santa clara valley. here is sal. westbound 24 that looks pretty good driving up to the tunnel. you can see traffic is mod are rattily heavy. also the morning drive this morning if you are driving on the east shore freeway it looks good. now back to the desk. separates in san francisco's west portal area still blocked off at this hour.
5:33 am
a huge water main break sent thousands of gallons of water racing through that neighborhood. ktvu claudine wong is the the scene this morning. just incredible video claudine. >> reporter: pam, we have incredible pictures to show you. just within the last half hour. take a look at the street. this is where the water main break started. you can see a sink hole a really large sink heal has developed. the puc says this will only get bigger. the water was rushing underneath the street and that created a void basically under that asphalt. now that asphalt is starting to collapse. i'm joined by tyrone who is the spokesperson for the ffpuc. that sun believable. that is in the last 30 minutes. >> right. what is happening is that soil underneath is basically gone. so the asphalt is collapsing upon itself. >> reporter: we don't know what caused this 16-inch water main
5:34 am
break. certainly caused a lot of damage. this is one of the homes that is still suffering from all the water in their garage. what do you blame for this? >> at this point we don't know what caused z the break. we do know it's a 16-inch line. the good news everyone has water service within the area. but we've got to get this line fixed. >> reporter: what is the plan for this morning? you've got the water service restored but the cleanup will take a long time. >> we have cleaning people that are coming on scene. we have restoration people that will help the residents getting their place cleaned up and dried up. crews are trying to work on reopening the area. >> reporter: so when you look at the heavy machinery, they are basically going to try to clean it up and get it open. >> yes. they are sucking up all the dirt and debris. so once we get that cleaned up they will bring on a backhoe or
5:35 am
push all the dirt out. >> reporter: we're talking hour. how long is this whole project going to take just to get that part reopened? >> that part should reopen within the next two hours. the repair work we don't know at this point until we find out what happened. >> reporter: certainly that sink hole is any indication we could be looking at a big project. >> yes. >> reporter: that is the very latest again unbelievable pictures. but also the unbelievable sink hole that is developing. when you talk about where this water came up. it pushed up from right here. it pushed up over the sidewalk and down the street and then really into this home. one of the reasons the home is the last one that has water in it right now is because it just couldn't drain. everything else went down the hill. that is the latest from san francisco. we'll keep an eye on the situation for you. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. ernight news oakland police are looking for information on a shooting. it happened at 1:30 this
5:36 am
morning. we're told the victim was inside a car on 80th avenue and holly when someone shot him. he managed to drive around the corner and park in a carport where he called police. the victim is expected to recover. police say so far he is not cooperating with investigators. time is 5:33. now to our continuing coverage of the tragedy in santa cruz. two police officers shot to death. detective lauren butch baker was a 28 year police department veteran. detective elizabeth butler was a ten year veteran of the police force. they are the first officers killed in the line of duty in the long history of the santa cruz police department. tara moriarty is in santa cruz now. you have new information tara. >> reporter: just a heart wrenching time as you can imagine for the families of the fallen officers and the department. as you take a look behind me now they are beginning to wrap up the scene. the chief has called this the darkest day in history.
5:37 am
this has more details come to light. we are here off bran support avenue. we were told the investigation was supposed to last well into the day but they are watering down the driveway there. it looks like they are about ready to leave. detective sergeant lawrence butch baker was a 28 year veteran of the department. elizabeth baker was a ten year veteran from the department. we want to show you new video we just got in of two cars being towed from the scene. one is a green suv with two bullet holes in the front windshield. we are not sure if that is the us a spects car. the two officers were investigating a sexual assault sis -- assault suspect when they were shot. they did something else that potentially saved other lives. >> the santa cruz police officers that were on scene refused to leave their posts and maintain the perimeter.
5:38 am
i believe that is what kept the suspect inside this neighborhood and allowed us to neutralize him. >> reporter: swat teams immediately closed off the entire neighborhood. locked down three schools. they tracked down the suspect around the corner 30 minutes after the officers were killed. officers killed the suspect in a barrage of gunfire. last night police identified the suspect as 35-year-old jeremy goulet. they arrested him friday on a disorderly charge but he was released after posting actually. authorities say he was recently fired from his job at a coffee shop after break into a coworkers house and making inappropriate advances on her. coming up we'll explain in our next half hour. . >> yesterday's deadly shooting happened during a very violent month in santa cruz. that has many worried that things may be changing in be i want everybody to ask what the city is really doing about
5:39 am
crime in this town. this is the last thing i thought would ever happen. it's just unbelievable. >> now on february 9th a 32- year-old santa cruz man was shot and kill the outside of a popular downtown bar. two days later a student was shot in the head and robbed while waiting for a bus near natural bridges drive. she did survive. and less than a week later a 21- year-old woman was raped and beaten on the uc santa cruz campus. in the meantime you can post condolences to the two officers. look for us at ktvu channel 2. pope benedict appeared in public for the last time before stepping down tomorrow. this is new video as he addressed thousands of people. he road in the pope mobile around st. peters square. he waved to the crowd.
5:40 am
kissed the fore heads of several babies. without going into detail he recalled moments of light and joy. and also pain and difficulty. he thanked everyone for respecting his decision to step down. your time is 5:37. people in missouri are trying to recover this morning after a heavy winter storm just covered the state. in kansas the roads were so bad the snowplows couldn't even handle it. this one just fell over in a ditch. it's the weak winter storm to pound this region in less than a week. an official state of emergency was declared in kansas after ten inches of fresh snow fell yesterday. some san francisco students will be able to ride muni for free. it's part of a 16 month test to see if it has any effect on the transit agent service. students must still have a
5:41 am
clipper card and enforcement officers will hand out fear evasion tickets to those who do not have that card. sal, you have the chopper up already. >> that is right. we are looking at that watter main break in west portal here. i want to show you the area you can see the huge san francisco water truck which a huge essentially it's a huge vacuum cleaner they suck up a lot of water in that tank there. i've seen this truck operate before. they come out to clear trains. today obviously it's a bigger problem. this is right in the heart of west portal here if you should avoid the area. not effecting the nearby major streets but would have a little bit of effect of the traffic in that area. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. the traffic here is backed up for a short delay. if you are driving on the peninsula 101 and 280 still
5:42 am
look pretty good. we are getting road work. that is not effecting traffic in a major way. it might be a minor dedelay -- minor delay. clear skies. cold for some. a lot more high clouds are moving in. yesterday was good to go. sunshine and mild to warm temps. we start off clear. temperatures 30s to 40s. this afternoon a lot of high clouds. but still nice. i think santa clara valley gets sun. yesterday san francisco 62. i did go with a few high clouds. we'll start off with 46 at 7:00 a.m.. high today of 62. and that high of 62 is for nicole in the marie that district who has been sending me funny tweets. 30s and 40s on the temps.
5:43 am
not far away from antioch i saw 39 at brentwood. 37 livermore. mountain view says 42. redwood city 44. palo alto wood side and menlo park all 36. still a component of offshore and easterly breeze as some. mild to warm conditions. any travel plans in the great lakes look how slow that system is moving. that is a lot of snow that is stacking up. record snow in kansas city yesterday by the way of 8.4 inches just shattering the old mark. really impressive totals coming into that system. while we have sunshine stacking up. although there will be a lot of high clouds coming into the north today. still 70 clear lake. 68 pittsburgh. 65 oakland. santa clara 68. mil pee taces in there. mid 60s on the coast.
5:44 am
a day on the job turned deadly for workers. the coast guard search for that missing family lost at sea. it's called off. the questions being raised about whether this was just a hoax. san francisco's west portal district. at least part of it is a mess. gewhatever you want, baby.
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clear skies 30s and 40s.
5:47 am
welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the stories we are following for you at 5:44. a big water main break in san francisco. look at this pictures. created a huge look at that sink hole. a 16-inch pipe broke open about 2:30 this morning. this is in the area of 15th and walnut streets. several dozen homes and cars were flooded. water is backed up and they have sewage out there. it's a mess. claudine wong will have the latest. two police officers shot to death while trying to question a man about the report of sexual assault. they are the first officers to die in the line of duty in santa cruz history. automatic federal spending cuts known as the sequester cuts are due to kick in on
5:48 am
friday. there doesn't appear to be any compromise deals in the works to avoid the budget cuts. we are following developing news from switzerland. several people are dead following a workplace shooting at a wood processing company. now we want to show you new video of the plant this morning. a local newspaper reports that the shooter opened fire inside a company cafeteria this morning. investigators say at least three people were killed including the gunman and seven others are injured. a motive still under investigation. las vegas police are looking for a woman now in connection with that shooting and crash that killed three people including an oakland native. police are calling 22-year-old tanisha howard a person of interest in this case. she is pictured here with the suspected gunman ammar harris. she was in the suv with harris when she fired shots into a maserati. cherry crashed into a taxi which burst into flames killing
5:49 am
the cab driver and his passenger. time is 5:46. later this morning vice president joe biden will talk to attorneys general from around the country about obama's idea to reduce gun violence. he's been meeting with people around the nation to reduce gun violence. this morning he will be speaking at a meeting of associations of attorneys general. later today the vice president will meet with new york city mayor michael bloomberg happen he's an outspoken supporter of gun control. happening right now house minority leader nancy pelosi along with representatives from the congressional black, hispanic, and asian pacific caucus. today the supreme court is taking a look at whether the 1965 law is constitutional. her colleagues say it's important to continue protecting the right to vote
5:50 am
for all americans. time is 5:47. the coast guard has called off that search for a sailboat off monterey coast. searchers say they covered an area about the size of west virginia. searching for that boat. there has been no sign of a couple and two young children who were said to be abandoning their sailboat. the coast guard says radio call went out on sunday saying the sailboat was sinking. >> there are hoax cases that happened like this all the time. we are not treating this one as a hoax. >> if that distress call does turn out to be a fake, whoever did it could face prison time and a hefty fine. some beer companies say it's the water that makes the difference in their products. coming up at 5:55 one brewer is now being sued over just how much water it's using. time now 5:48. sal is back. what is happening in the east bay on the roads? >> we are getting a little bit more crowded conditions there
5:51 am
dave and pam. westbound 80 is getting slower as you drive through richmond and berkeley. we are getting more people coming through. it is a little bit slower in some of those toll plaza lanes. certainly not stop and go for most. but that will be happening soon if the trend continues. and we are expecting it to. this is normal traffic for this time of the morning. we are also looking a the the peninsula as the traffic here looks good. if you are driving to san jose or the south bay, it's a nice looking drive. let's go to steve. thank you. mostly clear today. temperatures are above average. mostly sunny. nice to warm. high clouds coming into the weekend. next rain a week from today. next week will be cooler. 30s for some. 39 antioch. 39 concord. mountain view and redwood city
5:52 am
40s. you can find 30s not too far away. santa rosa 42. san rafael 37. i think i saw 36 at kentfield. 35 oakland. a little cooler today. we start off clear and then these higher clouds will drift across. actually made more of an impact on the forecast. not a great one. it won't be as warm as yesterday. it will still be nice to warm. santa clara valley looks warm to sunny. 60s for many or very, very low 70s. breeze is not as strong. yesterday we had gusts to 60. mt. diablo down to the foothills. today they will still be mild to warm. high clouds on thursday. friday sunny side up and warm. increasing clouds. cooler sunday. boeing could soon get the okay to starlet new test flights -- start new test flights of its dream liner. they could approve new flights
5:53 am
as early as next week. it's a signal the faa is prepared to sign off on the package of patrol posed fixes to the battery problems. the car maker plans to pay back a federal loan. he says the department was criticized after solyndra went bankrupt despite a federal loan. he thinks it's fair to praise it for its good job. last nights warriors game was a fight to the finish. chaos on the court. some of the star players thrown to the floor and thrown out the game. what will be the fallout today. plus where a thief at a high school turns out to be a popular teacher and all caught on camera. lucky charms?!
5:54 am
5:55 am
♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious ♪ the one and only, cheerios
5:56 am
skies are clear. it will will be mostly sunny today. still 60s to near 70. a california teenager found herself playing detective after several backpacks were robbed but she didn't expect the alleged culprit to be her own teacher. this happened at linden high school about 60 miles southeast
5:57 am
of sacramento. she took matters into her own hands. some students started noticing money missing from their backpacks. she hid inside of a locker and took this video of a popular teacher rummaging through backpacks appearing to steal money. >> right when we got the video i was like oh my gosh. i can't believe i got this on video. i couldn't believe that i had it. i kept watching it over and over. >> she took that video to the school principal. school district and local authorities are now investigating. the teacher is now on administrative leave. her spokesperson says she was hospitalized after she gave a strange performance on a cruise ship in the caribbean last week. she is 56 years old. she forgot the lyrics and appeared to use paper to clean up after a small dog on the
5:58 am
stage. then stuffed the paper behind the couch. the world's largest beer maker is in hot water. anheusser bush is accused of adding water to its beer before it's bottled. a couple workers made that claim. the company faces a $5 million lawsuit. >> we expect to get what we are purchasing. if it's not then that is not cool. >> the lawsuit was spear headed by two people from sonoma county. they say the practice violates california consumer protection laws. anheusser bush says the lawsuit is groundless since it complies with all labeling laws. the national basketball association is expected to hand down for last nights scuffle between the warriors and indiana pacers.
5:59 am
roy and david lee shoved each other going for a rebound. it turned into that. 7'2" hubert flung to the ground. hubert was the only player rejected after that. warrior players are expecting fines. no suspensions expected. the warriors lost that game to the pacers 108-97. >> i was watching that. it was pretty bad. let's check in with sal. you were watching too. >> i was surprised no one came off the bench. but they didn't. >> that is true. >> let's take a look at the commute. we are looking at the south bay northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. getting into the west valley. it's a nice looking drive. third base 680 this drive also looks good. it's getting more crowded. we don't have any major problems on the stretch. let's go back to dave and pam. if you haven't seen the pictures


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